Powerful Reporting Tools
LABTrack ELN, LIMS and Stability Study Management systems all share the same database and reporting capabilities.

The heart of any lab management system is data.  Getting data out of your system quickly and in a format that is useful can be critical.  For this reason LABTrack uses the most powerful reporting tools commercially available to provide customized solutions for our ELN, LIMS and Stability Study Management products.

What ever you need to do with your data - we can help.  Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.
Reporting and Customization Services for your ELN, LIMS and Stability Study Management Software
Custom designed to meet customer needs

Created using standard reporting software (SSRS, Oracle or Crystal Reports)

Lists, Matrices, Charting, Statistical Reports

Backlog Reports

Sample/Request Details Reports

Export to Excel, PDF, Word, HTML and TIFF

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LABTrack's software supports bar code readers and printers