Portability, Security and Data Longevity:
LABTrack stores its notebook pages in xHTML format (HTML & XML) to ensure legibility for decades to come.

LABTrack's notebook pages are compatible with many browsers and word processors.

Notebooks are accessible from any computer on your network.

Compatible with Ultra Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, Mac OS, iOS and Windows.

Built-in automatic Hashing and Security Protections so your LABTrack notebooks are acceptable as legal evidence.

LABTrack supports both Off-line and On-line editing of notebooks.

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LABTrack provides portability, searchability and better protection than paper lab notebooks  Let us introduce you to the platform that organizations of all sizes are using to create and store knowledge in the 21st century.
LABTrack, LLC offers state of the art software for laboratory data management (including ELN and LIMS) and professional services world-wide.  Give us a call to learn how we can help you bring your laboratory data into the 21st century.
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Legal & Regulatory Compliance
Designed for All Scientifists
Designed for All Laboratories
Collaboration and Data Management
Portable, Secure & Lasting
Build Your Own Data Management Applications within LABTrack!
LABTrack Smart-XForms
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"LABTrack provides all of the functions needed to replace your paper lab notebooks with a system that can be searched, shared and protected."

- Richard Stember, CEO LABTrack, LLC
Three Popular Editions:
Personal - for individuals and single PCs
Team - for small to large groups
Enterprise - for large/global needs
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